Hollywood Garden Home Tour 2017

We were fortunate that members of our club generously opened their gardens for our tour.  Each garden had its own unique charm.  Some are mature with many years of development and others are in the early stages just waiting to  bloom..   A special thanks to all our members who allowed us to stroll through their yards.

Joanne's garden

The whole garden is grown for edibles!

Joanne has dedicated her garden to edible vegetables, fruits and herbs.    Her garden is in its infancy but we expect a great crop.  

South Florida gardening is unique.

Vegetable are planted in the spring that can take the heat of our summers and  vegetables traditionally planted in most other parts of the country  in summer are planted here in the fall, most notably  are tomatoes.  With the right planning we can have garden produce year round.

Even a novice can turn a backyard into a edible feast.

With planning, use of pots and other assorted containers a wide variety of vegetable and herbs can be planted.  Joanne also has her many trays of seedlings coming along for planting.

Steve's garden

Steve has several large fruit trees and tropicals.

The photo at the right captures the large yard with fruit trees and a patch of pinapple plants.

Steve loves his edible plants tomatoes, pineapple, hot peppers, herbs and shown to the right his cashew tree.

Tomatoes on the vine

Steve also has several tropical plants throughout his large yard, bananas,  frangipani, a cotton plant, and several palms.

Mary's garden

This was the first stop on our tour with a light brunch.

One of the advantages to belonging to the Hollywood Garden Club is that at each meeting we all bring cuttings from our gardens to share.  Many of the plants that you see here were once a lowly cutting that have found a new home and have flourished.

Mary has created various pathways that lead you through her garden.

Mary likes lots of color and tries to attain this with the use of crotons, coleus, Hawaiian ti plants, flowering vines, and lots of colorful bromeliads.

Oncidium dancing lady a reliable bloomer.

Fruit trees, tomatoes and herbs  are all included in this garden.

Maggy's garden

The weather turned against us!

The rain could not stop us.  We were ready with umbrellas and ponchos.  We toured Maggy's garden in the rain and continued on to the next garden.

Maggy's garden a visual feast.

There are more palms and bromeliads than you can count.  

Maggy loves starting from seeds.

There are lots of little pots all over her garden with little seedlings beginning to sprout up.

Errol and Emma's garden

Along the lake front a riot of colorful plants line the shore.

Their garden is a mix of  plants, fruit trees and raised beds for their vegetables.

Errol love his succulents

Errol's advice -  plenty of sunshine and well draining soil to keep succulents happy.

Emma has her orchids and bromeliads

Emma & Errol opened their home for a luncheon at the end of the tour.  It was a welcome stop to get out of the rain, which proved to be an off again, on again event most of the afternoon.