Hollywood Garden Club Home Tour 2018

Once again  members of our club generously opened their gardens for our tours.  Each garden had its own unique charm.  Some are mature with many years of development and others are in the early stages just waiting to  bloom..   A special thanks to all our members who allowed us to stroll through their yards.

Nancy's garden


This is a very large yard with most of the plantings around the perimeter.

Enjoying the garden are garden members Susan, Mary Ann, Gracelyn and Carmen.


South Florida gardening is unique.

Tropical plants are interspersed with orchids, bromeliads and various lawn ornaments, which create a peaceful garden.


The large pots with palms line the patio.

With planning, use of pots and other assorted containers can expand your garden and fill empty areas.

Joanne's garden


We visited Joanne's garden for a second time.

Shown are Carol, Kathy, Mary, Mary Ann, and Elaine


This 4 foot tall dwarf mango is in full bloom. It is amazing that such a small tree can provide fruit.


A row of bananas making a privacy screen.

Seth's garden


Seth has transformed his garden from the time of our last visit.

Most of the garden was an open area.  The amount of work Seth has put into his garden is astounding.  He's created a real tropical paradise.


Orchids abound throughout the garden hanging from the fruit trees.


Color is everywhere in the garden.

One of the photos below is his dragon fruit plant.  This is staked on a 4x4 with screening over the top to support the plant.  Dragon fruit need the horizontal growth habit in order to fruit.

Gracelyn's garden


Our members relished the variety of food provided by our members.

Gracelyn cooked up chicken and rice dishes that our members are still raving about.  Members also contributed side dishes, fruit and pastries to complete the luncheon we enjoyed.  Thank you Gracelyn for making our home tour such a success.


Potted plants fill the patio area and fruit trees line the perimeter overlooking the canal.


Gracelyn has created a wall of potted plants.

Gracelyn has most of her plants in containers surrounding her pool.